What is CTR?

CTR rate simply stands for click through rate. Click through rate is the percentage of people who visit your page (or email) and click through to your desired link. So if you send out an email to your list and 500 people viewed it, and 250 clicked through to the product you were promoting your click through rate would be 50%. If you made a post on your blog promoting a product and 100 people visit that page and 38 click on your affiliate link your click through rate would be 38%. CTR is a fairly straight forward term once you learn what it stands for.

Click through rate is important because it gives you a good idea on how well your copy is working. If you have written a good ad, post, or email that really makes the prospect want to learn more then you will have a high click through rate. If your ad isn't getting a very high CTR then it's probably time to go back to the drawing board and try something new.