Search Marketing Expo, London

Keep yourself up to date at the Search Marketing Expo, London. Barak Berkowitz, Managing Director of Wolfram Alpha will be providing the keynote address at the SMX Advanced, London, May 17 and 18.

SMX Advanced is the only search marketing conference designed exclusively for experienced internet marketers. This means that you should have at least some knowledge of search engines, search engine optimization and search engine marketing before you sign up. The advantage for the seasoned marketer, however, is that you can be pretty sure that you will learn something new and useful.

This is also a good place to network with other experts in the field.

Among the topics on this year's conference, we find:
•   SEO Ranking Factors In 2010
•   Exploring Google's New Ad Formats
•   Link Building Outside Of The Box
•   Search Ad Quality, Under The Microscope
•   Keyword Research: Beyond The Ordinary
•   Yahoo! & Microsoft Search Alliance: The New Search Powerhouse
•   Advanced Tactics For Promoting YouTube Videos
•   The Art Of Measuring Local & Mobile Search Results
•   Social Media, Search & Reputation Management
•   and more.

There are also free exhibition hall workshops on using analytical techniques to improve your ROI and more.

To learn more about the venue or to sign up for the May 17 and 18 conference go to the SMX London web site.