Ten Ways to Improve AdWords Quality Score

According to the definition of Google, Quality Score is an essential standard to measure the quality of your ads and the relevance. Quality Score influence the cost of minimum PPC, the rank of your ad in search results, and whether your ad will be shown.

No matter Google how to modify its tactics, Quality Score would be the most important thing. Then I will share some tips to improve Quality Score.

1. Divide your keywords into more groups. Increase the relevance of your keywords of each ad group. Don't put all the keywords together.
2. Create relevant ad text for each group.
3. Make full use of ad text. You can create one or more ad texts for an ad group, so at least you should make sure two ad texts are shown more evenly. In the advanced settings of Google AdWords, you can choose the option "show ads more evenly". However, it doesn't mean you never make change. For example, there are two ad texts A and B for one ad group. After a week, you can check the CTR of A and B, if you find CTR of A is more than B, you can remain A, and modify B to hope it can beat A, and repeat the process.
4. Try the matching options: broad match, phrase match, and exact match
5. Build more activation links.
6. Increase more keywords in the content of your landing page.
7. Test the conversion rate of your different landing pages by Google's tool.
8. Add the best performing keywords to the meta tags on each of your landing page.
9. Although the site has a privacy policy, it was not linked in the navigation. Put the privacy policy at the same place as well as "about us" page.
10. Make sure your landing page and keywords are relevant to gain Google's trust.

Nowadays the competition become fiercer than before, so improve Quality Score and optimize Google AdWords is necessary. Anyway, I hope these ten tips will help you more or less.