What is Ad Ranking?

In Google AdWords, two things will draw our attention, one is the price, and the other is the ranking. However, many advertisers find a problem that the ranking in AdWords is different from the ranking in the results of Google search. Today I will explain to you the reasons.

Firstly, I will define some terms:The ranking in AdWords is according to the average ranking in the time and region you set. The ranking in the results of Google search is a real-time result, which is closely related to the real-time CTR and the competitiveness of your competitors. Besides, AdWords has its own way to calculate the ranking in different regions.

Then it's easy to understand. Sometimes, you will find the ranking in AdWords is higher than it in Google search results. It's because for a keyword too many buyers, that is to say you have a lot of competitors. While the ranking in AdWords is an estimation result, when more people bid the same keywords, its price will go up. As a result, the real-time ranking will be lower than it in AdWords. Sometimes or the reverse, and sometimes both the ranking is very close.